Scanpoint is a photo digitization company having mission to ‘preserve memories’ with the help of latest technologies for a long time being. We digitize and restore all old photos, color & B&W negatives, slides, APS Films, documents.

Our Services

  • Image Scanning:
We transform your Printed Photos, Slides, Photo albums, APS films and any type of Negatives, both color and black and white, into high-resolution with high-quality digital images.
  • Document Scanning:
Document Scanning is the process of scanning paper documents; converting those to digital images that are then stored on file servers, hard drives, CD, DVD, or other magnetic storage. 

We offers many more additional services for example, advanced restoration of images, images cleaning and black and white to color conversion. We can guarantee the best quality of scanned images.
  • Benefits through Scanpoint:
    • Extremely high output
    • Easy & quick home delivery for better time saving
    • Safety & secrecy of your document/materials

Testimonial - 1

“I’ve taken number of B/W photographs 40-50 years back. All these are on tribal life, art & culture of Odisha. Meanwhile the B/W photographic processing has closed. I was in a worry ,how to print these 120 & 620 negatives which is essential for my research and publication work.

Insidently, I came to know that a young artist & graphic designer Mr. Rabindranath Das of Chatrapur has brought a negative scanner and doing the documentation work ,in his company called Scanpoint. I approached Mr. Das .He had scanned my photo negatives nicely. In addition to this he prepared my illustrated bio-data in computer graphic method.