Scanpoint is a photo digitization company having mission to ‘preserve memories’ with the help of latest technologies for a long time being. We digitize and restore all old photos, color & B&W negatives, slides, APS Films, documents.


Frequently Asked Questions

F  Why choose Scanpoint?
Ans. Scanpoint has advanced technology and professional scanners that can give advance quality and maximum number of services within very short time. We give the scanned photos in CD/DVD and upload them in our online gallery; from where you can share the photos with your friends and relatives easily.

F  How do you provide the highest quality at the lowest price?
Ans. We scan the negatives, slides and photos at high resolution with the help of advanced technology (scanners) to provide better/high quality output. Our price is too low comparing to other.

F  How Scanpoint is safe?
Ans. Scanpoint never discloses any of your ordered items to third party. We also keep customer’s items very confidentially and place them safely.

F  Why you scan and digitize old photos, negatives and slides?
Ans. We scan and digitize the old photos, negatives and slides to preserve before they spoil; which you can keep and share safe and sound for a long time.

F  What is DPI? What is your quality of scanning?
Ans. DPI stands for Dots per Inch. It implies the picture quality or resolution, accuracy, clarity and sharpness. The DPI level of pictures is like 300dpi, 600dpi, etc. Our scanning quality begins from 600dpi (for photos, large format negatives) and rise up to 3000dpi (for small negatives/slides)

F  How Scanpoint charges? Is the price only for scanning or any other processes?
Ans. The price for scanning was mentioned in our pricing page. However, the price includes for some additional works also; such as cropping, rotating, red-eye removal, brightness/contrast adjustment, scratch removal and DVD writing.

F  How can I send my pictures or slides? Will Scanpoint pay the shipping charges?
Ans. You can send your items (photos, negatives or slides) through any standard domestic/international courier. Scanpoint will never bear the shipping charge. To-and-Fro shipping charge has to be paid by the customer only (as we’ve not included in our price chart).

F  How can I acknowledge about my shipped items?
Ans. After shipping the items, you need to send an email to us, mentioning the courier service, CN No. and date of dispatch, no. of items included, etc. After receiving the same we’ll acknowledge to you as per the content received through courier, by replying to your email instantaneously. After getting a confirmation mail from you, we’ll start our work and let you know the estimated date of concluding.

F  How can I see the quality of my scanned items before paying the bill?
Ans. We’ll send some sample (max 10 no.) scanned photos to your mail or upload any of our online photo-bucket (like Picasa,, etc.); where you can see and check the scanning and editing quality before paying the bill.

F  How can I assume that my photos will keep in privacy?
Ans. We’ll upload your scanned photos to online photo-buckets in a privacy mode, so that any other person can’t open and see them.

F  How much time does the scanning process take?
Ans. Scanning time depends as per the mode of quality (or resolution). The high resolution we scan the pictures will take more time as compared to low resolute pictures. As we’ve already mentioned the DPI for individual items, so overall we declare that we take maximum 1 week time to scan 200 items. However, it depends upon your queued no. which we’ll let you know through email while acknowledging the shipping.

F  Do you accept orders from other countries?
Ans. Yes, we do. However, customers have to confirm and know the rules and regulations of shipping of such items from their country to India.

F  In which format I can see my digitized photos?
Ans. We will burn the photos in to DVD in two formats; one, the originally scanned (at high resolution) in JPEG/JPG format and second, in low resolution (thumbnails) that helps to see the pictures in mobiles, iPods etc. The original (high resolute) photos are better observed in TV and Computer.

F  Do you accept scanned photos for advanced restoration? And, how much you charge for this?
Ans. Yes we do jobs of restoration and advanced restoration of scanned photos. However, there is not a certain/fixed charge for restoration job. It depends upon quality of scanning, scratches & taints over the picture etc.