Scanpoint is a photo digitization company having mission to ‘preserve memories’ with the help of latest technologies for a long time being. We digitize and restore all old photos, color & B&W negatives, slides, APS Films, documents.


Scanpoint has advanced technology and professional scanners that can give advance quality and maximum number of services within very short time, beyond your imagination.

Preserve the Photos:

  • Time being, negatives, printed photos and slides are fade in color.
  • And also color shift happens due to the chemical reactions.
  • They can easily get scratches or can be damaged mechanically.
  • Printed photos/negatives are prone to natural calamities.

Print the Photos:

  • We provide very good quality and high resolution digital images.
  • These pictures can be enlarged to double (even higher) the original size.
  • These pictures can be shared with loved ones and edit them eg. change through Photoshop.

Store Photos:

  • We burn your pictures into the DVD and send it along with your shipment.
  • You can save multiple copies of the DVD.
  • You can show your images, for example, on TV sets.

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